I’m originally from the Southside of Chicago, everybody knows the typical hood story. I was the youngest raised in a home with a single parent and 3-older siblings. No father around, but my mom made ends meet. Gangs, guns, drugs and violence were everywhere. I dislike that story. It paints me in a negative light so I won’t tell that story. What I will say is I never let my circumstance define me. I felt that If I wanted better I could have better. If I didn’t like something, I could change it.

For me it was easy, I realized music was my way out. Singing and song writing would be my focus. Eventually I moved to Phoenix, Arizona and quickly became known as Denhooks (Denhooks for all the hooks I was writing for local artist). Around that time I met my R.E.D.Y Set (Reach Every Dream You Set) members Ramses Ja, Bootleg Kev, and Gio. We all decided as a collective group we would make some noise in the Entertainment Industry. Eventually, I landed an internship with one of the biggest heritage stations in Arizona, KKFR’s Power 98.3. I’ve been with Power for five years and during that time I’ve held down many positions. Promotions Intern, Promotions Rep, Board Operator, Morning Show Producer, Part–Time on Air Talent, and finally, in 2011 I was given the opportunity to rock my own night show. Check me out Weekdays 7p–12a on Power 98.3. Sky’s the limit at this point and Radio and Entertainment are my passion. was built to showcase that. This is where you will find new music, artist news, artist interviews and updates about me, that you can’t find anywhere else. Stay tuned and thank you checking out